Llama League

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Oh oh…les lamas ont envahi le terrain! Rejoins les nouveaux arrivants turbulents dans la ferme de Mossy Bottom avec cet hilarant jeu de football pour 2 joueurs. Ton lama deviendra-t-il une star du ballon rond ou terminera-t-il sur le banc des remplaçants?

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  • jack08

    It's not working even on my computer it just crashes

  • Jendrej

    That's because this game is for playing on your phone or tablet.

  • Silviu


  • raju.p


  • Phạm Thanh Phong

     quá hay lun


  • Mr Scary

    I don't know this game but BAAA! because I think if I get it it will be a good game.


  • beatrice c

    Ever since I downloaded this app, I've been loving it! It's my first app and I'm really enjoying it!I love the game, and I wish I could play it all day.I have thousands of coins and quite a few things for my llamas to wear.I totally reccomend this app!

  • Kaly

    how do i play

  • Deepika SD

    I now how to play it.